How to Calm Down a Hyper Husky

Hyperactive Husky

Learn how to deal with a hyperactive Husky and use step-by-step training methods to keep your Husky calm. Calming down a Husky is easier when you understand why and how Huskies become hyperactive. This guide explains everything you need to know.

Fun Games to Play With Your Husky

Husky games

Check out these fun games you can play with your Husky to keep them mentally stimulated. Playing these games with your Husky will help prevent destructive behavior.

How Much Sleep Do Huskies Need?

How much sleep does a Husky need

Find out how much sleep a Husky needs and how to know if your Husky is getting enough sleep. See the different awkward sleeping positions Huskies use and what they might mean.

Are Huskies Easy to Train?

Are Huskies Easy to Train?

Find out if Huskies are hard to train and what it means for your training. Learn important training principles to get better results when training your Husky.

How to Stop a Husky From Jumping on You

How to stop a Husky jumping on you

Find out why Huskies jump on people and how to train them to stop jumping on you or others. See the common mistakes that actually encourage a Husky to jump up on people.

All About Husky Eye Colors

Husky eye colors

Find out all about the different eye colors Huskies can have and how likely a Husky puppy will grow up with certain eye colors. Find out why some Huskies have two different colored eyes and a rarer type of eye colorings.

How to Train Your Husky to Stay

Train your Husky to stay

Find out how to train your Husky to stay following best training practices and tips. Develop a solid stay command following these steps.