Can Huskies Chew Bones? Safe and Unsafe Bones

While Huskies love to chew and eat bones, there are some important details you need to know before you start giving your Husky bones.

In this short guide, let’s look at what types of bones are safe to give to Huskies and what types aren’t safe.

Read this guide for information on other types of foods Huskies can and can’t eat.

Husky chewing antler

Can Huskies Chew Cooked Bones

Huskies can chew cooked bones, but it is not recommended due to health risks. Cooked bones carry a risk of splintering and causing serious harm to your Husky.

A splintered or shattered bone piece can cause your Husky serious problems if the broken pieces cut or pierce any of the internal organs.

Cooked chicken bones have the highest risk of splintering and should be avoided.

Bone splinters or pieces of bones can cause other issues such as:

  • Choking
  • Intestinal blockages
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Constipation

Most of the time, the damage isn’t outwardly visible, and your Husky’s life could be put at risk if the danger is not detected in time.

There has always been some debate between animal health care professionals regarding whether it is safe or not for dogs to chew on cooked bones.

While the general consensus is that it is not safe, there are some that say that as long as the bone is large in size, there is some degree of safety.

If you do decide to give your Husky a cooked bone, be aware of any changes in behavior that may indicate that something is wrong with your Husky.

Can Huskies eat bones

Cooked bones also have fewer nutrients than uncooked bones, as most of the important vitamins and minerals are lost during the cooking process. So there are fewer benefits of giving your Husky cooked bones over uncooked bones.

Can Huskies Chew Uncooked Bones

Huskies can chew uncooked bones and it is highly recommended. Uncooked bones are full of nutrients and provide your Husky with extra vitamins and minerals. Uncooked bones are a great way to supplement your Husky’s diet.

When choosing what type of bone to give your Husky, the best options are beef or lamb bones, which are generally harder and larger.

Avoid chicken, turkey and pork bones, as these are easier for your Husky to choke on. These bones are also sharper, and more likely to splinter and pierce your Husky’s gastrointestinal tract, causing serious damage.

Can Husky Puppies Chew Bones

Husky puppies can chew bones, but it is not recommended. Because they are still growing, it is not a good idea to let Husky puppies chew on bones, which could be too hard and break their teeth.

There is also a higher risk that Husky puppies will choke on pieces of bone.

The best age to start giving your Husky a bone to chew on is from between 8 and 12 months.

By this time, they should have all their adult teeth, which are stronger and less likely to break when chewing on a hard bone.

In the meantime, if you want to give your Husky puppy something to chew on (especially as their teeth are coming through), soft toys or chew toys are a better option.

Health Benefits of Chewing Bones

Your Husky will get several health benefits from chewing bones. The main benefits of chewing bones are cleaning your Husky’s teeth and giving your Husky a good range of vitamins and minerals.

Uncooked beef and lamb bones are full of vitamins and minerals and will greatly improve your Husky’s health.

Chewing on bones is also good for your Husky’s dental hygiene, by keeping their teeth clean and strong. Just like with humans, plaque can build up over time on your Husky’s teeth, and chewing on bones can help reduce this.

Chewing on beef or lamb bones can also help to make your Husky’s teeth stronger.

Some Huskies can get destructive when bored, or suffer anxiety when left alone for too long. Unfortunately, one of the most common ways that they deal with this is by chewing on things.

If you give your Husky a large uncooked bone to chew on, this is likely to keep them occupied for a lengthy amount of time, easing the amount of potential damage they could do, and giving them a healthier alternative.

Another benefit of chewing bones is the mental stimulation it provides.

A Husky can happily chew away on a tasty bone for quite a long time. This is great for when you’re away and you want to keep your Husky busy.

Providing your Husky with mental stimulation can help prevent issues such as digging holes, tearing up furniture, or running away.

Find out why Huskies are well known to be escape artists and other ways to deal with it in this guide.

Bones (And Other Alternatives) You Can Give Your Husky

Uncooked beef and lamb bones are the best type of bones to give your Husky. Manufactured bones and rawhide bones are great alternatives to uncooked bones.

Dental chews such as these (link to Amazon) are a great alternative that gives you Husky a flavored treat while still providing dental hygiene benefits.

Dog dental chews

To say that my Husky enjoys dental chews is a massive understatement.

These are good in particular for Huskies that might have stomach problems, as the marrow in bones can be very rich and make any existing problems worse.

Dental chews are good for Huskies because they can provide all the nutrients of an uncooked bone and come in a range of flavors.

Rawhide bones like these are another chewing alternative, although without the nutrient benefits. Rawhide bones are made from stiff leather and are readily available at most pet stores and online.

Dog rawhide bone

While they are not really a ‘food’ , there is no danger if your Husky happens to swallow pieces, although they may take a while to break down and pass through your Husky’s digestive system.

There are many different shapes and forms of rawhide bones. Knotted rawhides like these knotted jerky braids give your Husky something to try and tear apart and unwrap.

While not considered a bone, some people also give their Huskies antlers to chew on. These are available at some pet stores and contain nutrients in the middle which can benefit your Husky’s health.

Dog antler chew

Check out this popular elk antler option. You can see that the sharp parts of the antler have been removed, so these are safe for your Husky to chew on. Keep in mind that these are more expensive than rawhides and won’t last as long.

Husky antler

The above antler gives our Husky about 20 minutes of chewing before she loses interest in it. Then we set it aside to give back to her again in a month or so.

Dog Treats for Your Husky at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t just for humans!

If you want to show your Husky how much you care over the holiday season, or want to give them their own special treat while you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, then an uncooked bone is the perfect gift.

While turkey is usually the main dish on the menu during this time, your Husky is more likely to enjoy a nice big beef bone (or one of the alternatives listed previously in this article).

Avoid giving your Husky any turkey bones, as these can be brittle and may seriously harm your Husky if swallowed.

Your Husky may also enjoy other treats for Thanksgiving. A comprehensive list of foods your Husky can and cannot eat can be found here.

In Australia, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we get our Husky involved in Christmas.

Wrapping up a bone, chews, or treats under the Christmas tree has become a tradition for us. Here you can see an old photo of my first Husky, Q, taking off with his present.

Husky with Christmas present

If you want to do this, make sure the packaging for the treats is ripped open so your Husky can smell it through the wrapping paper.

When it is time, let your Husky sniff through the presents to find the right one, then they can take off and spend some time trying to get into the treats or bone.

You might be surprised by how your Husky reacts to this if you haven’t done it before. If your Husky is anything like ours, the ripping sound of the wrapping paper will make this a strange experience for them.

Our Husky slowly tears the wrapping paper away in an unusually slow way that makes it fun to watch.

Try giving your Husky a treat like this for Thanksgiving or Christmas for something different.

What to Do if Your Husky Eats a Cooked Bone

Sometimes Huskies can be sneaky and take food when you’re not watching.
If your Husky eats a cooked bone there are several things you need to do.

First of all, stay calm.

If your Husky is still chewing on the bones, try and take them away before they can swallow any more. Remove any others that are nearby and put them out of reach.

Watch for signs of choking- If your Husky does start to choke, you need to help them until you are able to get them to a vet. Try and remove any pieces of bone from their mouth (unless it has already been swallowed).

Grab their hind legs and lift them up so that gravity can help to dislodge any pieces of bone.

Call your vet and explain the situation. They may be able to provide you with a recommendation on what to do until you are able to see them.

Watch for any signs of vomiting, bloating, lethargy, constipation or bloody stool in the days following the incident. If you see any of these symptoms, take your Husky to the vet immediately.

If the bones haven’t come through in your Husky’s feces after 3-4 days, take your Husky to the vet. They will be able to x-ray your Husky and make sure the bones aren’t stuck inside your Husky’s digestive system.

Most of the time, the bones will pass through and your Husky will be unharmed. But this is not always the case and you could face a hefty vet bill if surgery is required to remove the bones from your Husky’s stomach.

Your best bet is to play it safe and keep cooked bones (as well as chicken, turkey and pork bones) far out of reach of your curious Husky’s way.


Now that you know what types of bones are safe for Huskies to chew on, read this guide to find out about other foods that Huskies can and can’t eat.