15 Things Only Husky Owners Will Understand

Anyone who has ever owned a Husky knows that they are in a league of their own.

No other dog breed can compare to the zany, lovable, and outright crazy shenanigans that Huskies put you through on an almost daily basis.

Below is a list, in no particular order, of some of the things you can expect to see from your Husky quite regularly.

If you have experienced all of these, then you are a seasoned Husky owner. If not, then it is only a matter of time…

1. There Will be Shed Fur. Everywhere.

If you’re one of those people who hate dog fur on your clothes, on your carpet, in your car, or, well, anywhere, then you’re going to have a problem with this.

Huskies shed fur. A lot.

Those who are uninitiated might think that giving your Husky a brush down every now and then will solve the problem but as any Husky owner will tell you, this is only a temporary solution. And I mean very temporary.

Vacuum cleaners and lint rollers will become your new best friends and you will start to avoid wearing any black or dark clothing.

When you are able to fill an entire shopping bag with collected fur after only a few brushings, and there’s enough in there to be able to knit a small sweater, then you know you’re living the Husky life.

Just when you think you’re done brushing, you’ll reach over and pull out a massive clump of fur. When it’s time for your Husky to blow its coat, you’re never done.

If you want to learn how to get better control over your Husky’s fur, read this guide.

2. The Art of the Zoomie

Ahh… zoomies. Those insane bursts of unstoppable energy that will see your Husky literally zooming around the house like a wild thing.

It really is a spectacular thing to see.

Husky running

Unless you have a Husky and know exactly what I’m talking about, you may have difficulty picturing this.

Just imagine a large dog suddenly getting a huge burst of energy and jumping over and around furniture, sliding around the hall, through all the rooms and back again. On a loop. Continuously.

There’s no stopping a Husky when it’s in zoomie mode – Just make sure you remove small children and breakable objects from their path and let your Husky run its course.

To say that Huskies love to run is an understatement. They can just go and go and go.

Husky running on beach with long leash

The best cure for a Husky with too much energy? A nice long walk, swim or sprints at the park/beach. Check out this guide if you want to run with your Husky.

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3. They’re Walking You

Don’t be under any illusion that you are taking your Husky for a walk. The truth is, they’re in charge and you’re actually the one being walked.

Sure, you may have the destination in mind, but they’re the ones that are pulling on the leash and leading you along.

Walking a Husky

Unless you’re super strong, your Husky is the one who determines the course you will take on your walks, regardless of what you may want to believe.

Resistance is futile. It’s easier just not to fight it.

4. Strong-Willed and Stubborn? Who? Me?

Huskies would have to be one of the most stubborn dog breeds going around.

They may be perfectly trained, but if there is something that they don’t want to do, then hell and high water will not convince them to change their mind.

If you say the words ‘no’ or ‘stop’, you can almost guarantee that your Husky understands you, but instead chooses to ignore you.

Some people mistake this for a Husky not understanding your command, but they understand – they just don’t want to do it.

If you’re a Husky owner, you might recognize the face in the below photo:

Stubborn Husky

That face says “I heard what you said, but I’m not moving”.

You can almost see them weighing up the benefits of complying with your demand, deciding if it’s worth their while.

Although this can be frustrating, it is also completely expected from an intelligent breed, which is why you might need to have alternative measures in place to change their mind and make them think it was their choice(ie. treats).

5. Want to Get Your Husky’s Attention? One Word: Food

While Huskies can be incredibly stubborn, they do have a weakness.

Food is a Husky’s Kryptonite.

Husky antler

They will be perfectly fine ignoring you, but as soon as there’s a sign of a tasty treat, everything changes.

Suddenly, they remember all of the training they seemed to forget moments ago.

We’ve trained our Husky to wait for us to say “okay” before she’s allowed to eat. As you can see in the below photo, she will stare at me until I give the command.

Husky at Food Bowl

I could walk inside and close the door behind me and she will still be staring at me, waiting for the command.

I’d like to say that’s because I’m a great trainer, but it’s all the food. Food can bring out a Husky’s best behavior.

This can work against you if you’re not careful. When food enters the equation, everything else it out the window.

Nothing will drag our Husky away from the BBQ while I cook lunch. Nothing.

Husky at a BBQ

She knows she will get a treat when I’m finished cooking, so there’s zero chance of anybody else calling her away.

Food is a mind-control weapon when it comes to Huskies, so use it wisely.

6. ‘Look, Daddy! It’s a Wolf!’

Most dogs are recognized for what they are- dogs.
But Huskies are a little bit different, looking distinctly wolf-like.

Wolf vs Husky

Most Husky owners will have had at least one encounter when out in public, where a child (or maybe even an adult) has immediately said, ‘Look at the wolf!’

These are always amusing encounters because even though most adults realize your Husky isn’t a wolf, there is still an element of doubt until you confirm that your Husky is indeed a dog.

Or is it? (Cue evil manic laugh and watch their faces as you say it).

7. Husky Houdinis

Of all dog breeds, Huskies have to be the cleverest at escaping from tight situations. Like gated yards. Or fenced-in yards. Or any yard at all.

If a Husky wants out, the highest fence and the most secure gate won’t stop them.

Husky escape artist

They are the Houdinis of the dog world and will find a way to escape even the most seemingly secure area.

Entertainment and exercise are your only powers against this almost supernatural ability.

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8. Whiny Sooks

Huskies like to complain.

If things aren’t working in their favour, they will be vocal about it.

In the below photo, I’m taking too long to get ready to take her for a walk, so she’s telling me off.

Husky complaining

How dare I take a photo when there’s far more important things to be doing!

You’re having a nice family dinner inside and they are outside watching you through the window?

Prepare to hear whining, and howling, until you succumb to the pressure and let them join the party.

Husky left outside

We’re still amazed that the flyscreen in the above photo wasn’t torn apart after we rudely forgot to include her during a lunch with friends. While she didn’t tear the flyscreen down, we did hear about the agony she was going through!

Huskies who are denied are like complaining little toddlers – you’re going to hear it forever, and they’ll probably destroy things if their demands aren’t met.

It’s up to you to decide which is the most tolerable – listening to the whining or giving in.

9. Husky Serenades

On the subject of vocal Huskies, not only do they like to make noise when they complain, but they also like to make noise when they are happy.

Husky howling

Most Husky owners will have enjoyed an unexpected serenade from their Husky, complete with a full-tilt, head-back, wolf-like howling.

These performances are always a treat, especially for those who are new to the experience, and really highlight the vocal range of our densely-furred music aficionados.

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10. How Can You Sleep Like That?!

I’m not sure how true this is of other dog breeds, but if there was ever to be a competition for weirdest sleeping positions, Huskies would be sure to take the top prize.

Able to contort their bodies to suit any space or size, Huskies seem to have a strange knack for sleeping in the most unusual-looking positions.

Flat on their back with their legs up in the air? Curled around a chair leg? Twisted around so that they’re (awkwardly) lying on a single-seat sofa?

Sleeping Husky

Yes, she is asleep in the above photo and yes, she was chewing the toy’s tail while asleep.

Huskies are willing to take on any sleeping challenge and revel in the chance to test your incredulity.

11. The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Even the cold isn’t enough to disturb a Husky’s deep slumber.

They curl up with their fluffy tail over their nose, then they’re good to sleep in almost anything.

Husky sleeping cold

Many Husky owners have been left scratching their heads wondering how and why their Husky would prefer sleeping in the snow.

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12. ‘What a Beautiful Dog!’

On the off chance that a passer-by realizes that your Husky is a dog rather than a wolf (see point 5), they are likely to comment on how beautiful your Husky looks.

You will receive many compliments on their beautiful face, their striking eyes, and their luxurious fur. You will also hear many personal stories about the Husky they once had, or once saw, or once knew about.

Cute Husky puppy eyes

They will want to pat your Husky, who will absolutely love the extra attention. They know that they’re beautiful, and they appreciate anyone who also realizes this important fact.

13. Needy Attention Seekers

This brings us to our next point – Huskies love to be the center of attention.

If they can’t get extra attention from strangers in public, then the next best option is you.

A small tummy rub or scratch behind the ears won’t cut it. If you are going to give your Husky a pat, it needs to be 110% and if you stop showing this level of attention, you’re going to know about it.

The face in the below photo? That’s the stare-down I get immediately after I stop rubbing her belly.

Attention seeking Husky

Many a time, a stilled or retreating hand will be pulled back into place by your attention-seeking Husky.

They haven’t given you permission to stop patting them yet, so why have you?

14. They’re Weird

Non-Husky owners might think it’s strange to hear me say that Huskies are weird, but if you own one, you know what I’m talking about.

Take this photo for example:

Husky being weird

Why are there cushions on top on the house and not inside? Because she prefers to sit on top of the house instead of inside it.


What about this photo?

Husky being weird 2

Well, she’s not allowed to go in the garage, so in her mind, being half-in is still being outside.

What about this one?

Husky in car

She has the entire car she can use, but she has to stick her head right next to mine. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the car or who is driving, this is the only acceptable spot in the car.

This one speaks for itself:

Husky on table

If you’re a Husky owner, you probably have a long list of weird things your Husky does.

It’s part of what makes Huskies so fun.

15. Pretty Smiles and Puppy Dog Eyes

It’s already been said, but Huskies are beautiful dogs. When they smile (and my wife insists they do), they can melt the most frozen of hearts and completely brighten your day.

Cute husky

Team that with their mesmerizing eyes and any grievances you may have with their stubborn behavior will disappear.

Did they chew on your favorite shoes? Disappeared from the yard and were found the next block over on someone else’s property? Stole some food from the table?

All is forgiven when they turn that sweet face towards you and give you that expression. What on earth were you angry about , anyway?

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